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Credit Information
Chairman: Sun Rigui
Since: 1987
Registered Capital: 52565m
Business License: 3700002801647
Registered City: Shandong Gaomi City
Nature: Private
¡¡¡¡Sunvim Group Co., Ltd. is a large multi-operation enterprise, mainly specialize in the home textiles and also in the chemical industry and thermoelectric plant. It is the largest modern home textiles enterprise in China, specializing in the production and sale of the middle and high ends towels, beddings and decorative fabrics.

The company advocates and practices the new type of industrializing. And continually improve its technical level with engrafting advanced technique to traditional textile industry.The company equips with the most advanced facilities in the world over 3000 sets, the dyeing machines, weaving machines, printing machines and finishing machines. The facilities import percentage achieves above 80%. The company is the largest producing base of towel in China, with the productivity of over 2000 patterns and 45,000 tons of towel and 25,000,000 meters of the decorative fabric every year.

The products are sold to Japan, USA and over ten European countries. Since1999, Sunvim ranks top the same industry in export volume and amount .In 2005, Sunvim came out top in three items: top in the China home textile corporation exporting sum to the world, top in China towel corporation exporting sum to all over the world and top in the towel corporation exporting sum to Japan. After constantly expand and extend, now we have set up a integrative production chain including cotton spinning, home textile product manufacturing and marketing.

Sunvim has been honored ¡°the most advanced country enterprise in earning foreign exchange ¡±, ¡°the steady -going quality enterprise in Chinese export ¡±, ¡°the best credit enterprise in China ¡±, ¡°Advanced Private Enterprise in Shandong Province ¡±, ¡°The high and latest technology enterprise in Shandong province¡±, the products have been awarded ¡°China name brand¡±, ¡°Chinese name export brand cultivated and developed by the Ministry of Commerce¡± , ¡°Quality medal of Shandong Province ¡±, ¡°name brand in Shandong Province ¡±, ¡°namable logo in Shandong Province ¡± etc.
Credit Information
Legal representative: Mr. Sun Rigui
Year of eastablishment: 1987
Oganization type: Private
Business scope: Manufacturer
Number of staff: 17000
Registered place: Shandong Gaomi City
Registered capital: 52565m
Annual turnover: RMB501631m
Products exported to:
Main customer:
Export percent: 85 %
Sunvim Group Co., Ltd. ¡¡¡¡Telephone: 0086-0536-2308285 ¡¡¡¡Fax: 0086-0536-2323019
Address: 1# Sunvim Street Gaomi City Shandong